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Membership Guidelines
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1. Introduction

The African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) aims to enable its members, comprising individuals, national associations, institutions, networks and partners, to discuss debate, analyse, disseminate, and make constructive use of evaluation information, products and services for the betterment of the African evaluation and research community, and the society at large. AfrEA represents a diverse constituency of African evaluators from government, not-for-profit sector, civil society and the private sector. It is an umbrella organization of more than 45 national M&E associations and networks in Africa. This membership guide is an eligibility criterion for membership, categories and types of members, benefits, and fees. It also explains the process for joining AfrEA. This document will be revised periodically in order to ensure flexibility and accountability to its intended goals.

2. Eligibility Criteria

Membership is open to persons or organizations committed to the mission and goals of AfrEA. A person or institution seeking membership of AfrEA will be accepted upon submission, and receipt by AfrEA, of a fully completed membership application form (for the category of membership required) in addition to the requisite fees.

3. Types of Membership

Standard and regular membership is for one year, effective from the date of receipt of proof of payment. We also offer a reduced fees for 2 and 3-year memberships The table below indicates the types of memberships and the accompanying benefits.

SN membership Category Description

Individual Member

(M & E Practitioners and non practitioners)

Who? Any individual working in or interested in the M&E. Benefits: Individual Members will be Eligible for special benefits and discounts at AfrEA conferences and events. Individual members will be eligible for AfrEA bursaries and scholarships, and will be able to sign up for AfrEA task teams. Individuals will make use of the AfrEA “members only” information portal and evaluation directory. Individual members will be able to participate in AfrEA governance



Who? Any professional with over 10 years experience extensively in the field of M&E in Africa, with significant proven contribution to the subject matter and or region (i.e. Africa) and demonstrated commitment and leadership for advancing M&E theory or practice (e.g. through research, publications, advocacy etc). Fellows’ applications will be reviewed and approved by AfrEA board members.

Benefits: In addition to all the individual benefits, AfrEA Fellows will be a reference point for knowledge on M&E in Africa and will be treated as AfrEA focal points for knowledge production and capacity building. They will be heavily relied upon in the creation, nurturing and sustainability of AfrEA learning channels, platforms, forums and networks. Fellows will be able to participate in AfrEA governance structures.

Process: Individuals interested in serving as AfrEA Fellows need to, in addition to completing a membership application form, write a short letter statement detailing their contribution to the field directly to AfrEA, and submit a detailed curriculum vitae.


Associate Members

National or Regional M&E Associations, Networks or Coalitions

Who? Any Africa-based association or network of evaluation practitioners. Paramount in this category are National M&E Associations. AfrEA will accept multiple associate memberships from one country. AfrEA does not exclude networks based on their level of formalisation.

Benefits: Member associations will benefit from AfrEA support for the development of their associations, would co-host events with AfrEA, and their representatives will attend AfrEA meetings. A 10% fee discount will be offered to individuals belonging to associate members who also choose to join AfrEA in their individual capacity.


Institutional Members

Other Institutions

Who? Any Africa-based public or private organization with interest in the field of development and evaluation in Africa or that does not qualify as an Associate member

Benefits: The institution will have access to the continent-wide AfrEA constituency as well as resources available to members only. These organizations will qualify for special benefits and discounts at AfrEA conferences and events. Institutional members will be able to participate in AfrEA governance.

5. Student members

Who? Any African involved or interested in M&E in Africa, registered as a Full time student at a tertiary educational institution at the time of application. NB confirmation of enrolment will be required.

Benefits: Student members will have the same benefits as individual members in addition to opportunities for internships



4. Membership Fees

Membership fees are payable annually as shown in the Table below for the three years: Fess payment can be done online via our PayPal account at or through our bank account and evidence of payment sent to Gifty Volimkarime at

Members have the responsibility to keep their membership payments up to date. Memberships will be reviewed (renewed or deemed to have expired) annually at a specified and widely publicized period.

5. Members Rights and Benefits

a) Be part of a continental community of M&E practitioners and professionals Networking and Link with a wide range of individuals, organizations and institutions involved in M&E in Africa and have your profile in AfrEA database. Increase your association visibility and access AfrEA electronic knowledge, regular update, highlighting job opportunities, researches and evaluation reports

b) Strengthen M&E Practice Be part and contribute to Knowledge Building, free access to a range of publications, discussions among a wide range of practitioners, benefit from special rates for the African Journal on Monitoring and Evaluation, AfrEA newsletter and databases. Participate and access to a wide range of Capacity Building opportunities, on-line toolkits and preferential rates to attend regional and international training and workshops. Advocate for Africa led monitoring- Opportunities to publish research and other work and contribute to banking knowledge in the AfrEA M&E Journal, benefit from special rates to attend AfreA Annual conferences, benefit from bursaries and financial support to represent Africa in international conferences and events

c) Participate in AfrEA governance. Attend AfrEA Members meetings, Annual conference and various country meetings. Contribute to the future directions and aspirations of the Association, by voting for Board election held every 2 years, contribute to AfrEA Strategic Planning and be part of its participatory planning and growing system.

6. Responsibilities/Duties of Members

• Members must keep their online profile and contact information up to date at least once every 6 months.

• Members commit themselves to actively participate in the activities of the association

• Members commit informing themselves about AfrEA policies, activities, and key documents such as the African Evaluation Guidelines.

• Breaches of some Policy stipulations may result in mem


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