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Zambia Evalaution Association
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  • Chairperson - Mr Ian Membe
  • Vice Chairperson - Mr Lusako Sichali
  • Secretary - Ms Mainga Moono Banda
  • Vice- secretary - Ms Mercy Zimba
  • Treasurer - Mr Andrew Sinyangwe
  • Vice- Treasurer - Mr Andrew Tandeo

Committee members

  1.  Mr Rhodwell Chitanda
  2.  Ms Miriam Simunika
  3. Mr Maybin Mumba
  4.  Ms Carol Milambo

Honorary members

  1. Mr Jon T Njovu
  2.  Dr Nsemukila
  3. Mr Ernest kasuta



Plot 6465, Libala Road, Kalundu                                                                                                         

P.O. Box 3457

Lusaka, Zambia.


                                                                                                                                Tel: +260-211- 293529

Mobile: +260 967 797 053



Monitoring and Evaluation is a very central tool to development. This however, does not put in among or in the ranks of well-known and recognized professions in many of the developing countries. Suffice to say in most developing countries M&E came with the onset of assistance from the international donor communities. Lamentably, though, M&E is predominant in the sectors of education and health where International Non-governmental Organisations are very present. Due to the impact and success it has had in these sectors local organisations and the civil society felt the need to extend the profession to other social and economic sectors of governance. Thus saw the emergency of professional groups of M&E practitioners and peer groups of M&E professional. Zambia Monitoring and Evaluation Association Zambia Monitoring and Evaluation Association (ZaMEA) was thus born as a merge of two previously existing M&E professional bodies Zambia Evaluation Association (ZEA) and Monitoring and Evaluation Support Systems of Zambia (MESSY) and was registered in 2014.

The government too created departments of M&E in the ministries of health, education and finance and national planning. These developments led to creation of a unified association of M&E practitioners and enthusiast called Zambia Monitoring and Evaluation Association aimed at publicizing and marketing the profession through training in M&E and related skills, providing a platform for exchange of ideas, setting and ensuring adherence to high level of professional standards of practice and delivery of good and services as well partnering with training institutions to raise the standard of theory and practice of M&E.


The Association(ZaMEA)


ZaMEA currently has over 400 individuals and organisations which are members. Since its registration in August 2014, ZaMEA has trained 4 of its members in STATA from the University of Zambia; it was organizing the first ever national conference for M&E in Zambia which was not successful due to late minute failed budget approval, it has representation on the research and development reference group in the M&E department of the Ministry of Finance and National Planning and has been a key member of interview panels for organization looking to hire M&E professionals.

The trading address of the Association which also offices ZaMEA Secretariat is at RuralNet offices located on Libala road off Great East Road, opposite the junction of Libala and Lunsefwa roads.

P.O Box 34576

Plot 6465, Libala Road




Cell: +260 967 797 053


Vision, Mission and Objectives

The association envisions being a statutory instrument for M&E in the country and hopes to introduce full undergraduate and graduate programs in its partnering institutions like the University of Zambia; encourage the Zambian government to have departments of M&E in all its ministries and possibly a Ministry of M&E. The Vision of ZaMEA is to propel the recognition of M&E as a profession and discipline essential to development in Zambia and for ZaMEA to become statutory Body for M&E.

The mission of ZaMEA is to promote high level Monitoring and Evaluation operational standards and adherence to set practice ethics and maintaining high levels of Professionalism. Additionally, ZaMEA aims to achieve this through highly skilled and motivated members.

ZaMEA aims to promote high quality intellectual, ethical and professional standards in M&E and enhance the use of M&E theory and practice. Moreover, the association promotes the development and adoption of M&E approaches and methods to be suitable and adaptable to the Zambian developmental context.

It also endeavours to network with regional and global associations and organisations and professional bodies of M&E. hence creating an international exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills and thereby moving with the global and latest trends in M&E theory and practice. 



The Zambia Monitoring and Evaluation Association is governed by the association’s constitution. The Association has an executive committee as the governing body of the association. This body consists of 10 members, that is:

1.      The Chairman and Vice Chairman

2.      The Secretary and Vice Secretary

3.      The treasurer and Vice Treasurer

4.      Four (4) Committee Members

The governing body of the Association is the Executive Committee which is responsible for evolving policies for effective management of the affairs of the Association for and on behalf of the general membership of the Association.

The ZaMEA Executive Committee overseas the operations, programme implementation and progress of the association. To this end monthly meetings are held to discuss the progress reports. However, the association has a Secretariat whose responsibility is to implement the decisions of the Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meeting and General Meeting plus conducting the day to day affairs of the Association under the supervision of the Secretary and Chairperson.



Membership is open to all with interest in M&E, studying it, practicing as well as all that work around research and M&E;    institution or individuals:

1.      Consultant/ Self-employed,

2.      Student

3.      Academicians

4.      Researchers

5.      M&E Practitioners.

6.      Organisations

7.      Institutions     

8.      Government departments/wings


Benefits to Members

ZaMEA aims to ensure that all members are active by providing a platform for interchange of ideas as well as engage them in opportunities for full time or temporal employment, internships and consultancies within and outside the member organisations and its network.

For Students members, ZaMEA provide a basis practical knowledge of Monitoring and Evaluation through training in different aspects of M&E and research as well as opportunities for internship and employment in M&E profession. Further, students will benefit from specialized initiatives by the association for student like being ushers and attendants at meetings and conferences.

Associate and professional members affiliation afford  training and employment opportunities,  participation in conferences and workshop  that discuss latest trends in M&E practice and theory and access to the international community of M&E practitioners. Generally, all members will enjoy reduced rates to professional development events; receive notification of opportunities and events. ZaMEA also provide a platform to advertise events and opportunities and members will have the right to participate in the affairs of and the decision making process of the associations through meeting attendance and voting. Membership subscription is at an annual rate according to category of membership. There are four categories and the subscription is as follows:

1.      Students ZMK 100

2.      Associate and Professional ZMK 250

Institutions/ Departments/ organisations ZMK 500


Activities of the Association

Conducting a series of public forum on current thematic issues at sector level

Basic training in M & E targeted at current and potential members

Initiating and participate in series of M & E activities, meetings and trainings

Participate and/or have representation at conference and in groups/gatherings on maters requiring M&E input.



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Zambian Evaluation Association (ZEA)
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+260 977 780 376
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+260 966 438 810
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